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It was a savage darkness like no other. Demons descended from the gates and started to wreak havoc in our world - this world called Altrus.
With great effort, the nobles built a last stand; hoping to gather the strongest and bravest of men and women. The wisest and the most cunning.

Do you wish for fame and honor? Or mayhap you fight for a just cause?

Are you the hero we need?
Welcome to Continent Of Altrus.

We offer a new experience of Forum Role-Play where you will become one of the trainees to become the new hope of the continent after the first attack of the demons, their sole enemy.

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Continent of Altrus Timeline Master List; List of all RP Threads in CoA
Topic Started: Jun 24 2016, 05:23 AM (1,346 Views)
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This is the master list of the timeline that happened and currently happening in Altrus. This thread will be updated once or twice a month. If there are any threads that are missed, please feel free to PM any moderators.

[●] – Ended Threads
[○] – Ongoing Closed RP Threads
[◎] – Ongoing Open RP Threads
[★] – Force Closed Threads

Before the Training Order:

[○]Flashback to the Past: Delivery to Serene Estate
[●]A future General
[●]A Future General Part II
[●]An Expedition of Memory
[●]Ponomy Streets: Failed Delivery
[●]Room 208: Dealing with Applications
[●]Alexandria House: A long overdue meeting
[●]The Traveler’s Keep: A Meeting Between Brothers

Arrival of Trainees for Batch 002:

[●]A Friendly Re-meeting
[●]Another Long Overdue Meeting
[●]An Unexpected Meeting In The Library
[●]Equiste House: The clueless wanderer.
[●]Exotic Herbs, Spices and Teas: An Unlikely Trainee
[●]Room 210: Questions Regarding Eastern Altrus
[●]The Missing Book | SQ001
     Rylen and Livi – [●]
     Auris - [●]
     Philip and Kiran - [●]

Start of Training for Batch 002:

[●][Training] Weapon of Choice | TR001
     Auris - [●]
     Kiran - [●]
     Livi - [●]
     Locke - [●]
     Lucifer - [●]
     Philip - [●]
     Rianne - [●]
     Rylen - [●]

[●]Antar Public Bathhouse - A Steamy Gathering
[●]Ghosts Within Grounds | SQ002
     Rianne and Livi - [●]
     Rylen and Lucifer - [●]
     Philip and Auris - [●]
     Kiran and Locke - [●]

[●][Training] A Comrade | TR002
     All - [●]
[●][Training] An Interesting Battle | TR003
     Re: [Training] An Interesting Battle | Livi & Rianne - [●]
     Re: [Training] An Interesting Battle | Lucifer & Rylen - [●]
     Re: [Training] An Interesting Battle | Locke & Auris - [●]
     Re: [Training] An Interesting Battle | Kiran & Philip - [●]

[★]Room 210: Medical Training Request
[★]Female Dormitory | Girl's Night 01: Meeting at Night
[●]Rapier Training

Arrival of Trainees for Batch 003:

[●]Don't Tread On Me
[★]Information Gathering
[●]A Pebble of Thought | SQ003
     Re: A Pebble of Thought | Auris
     Re: A Pebble of Thought | Rylen

[★]Room 208: An Awkward Day
[●]A Letter of Heart | SQ004
     Re: A Letter of Heart | Livi - [●]
     Re: A Letter of Heart | Auris - [★]
[★]Relax and Focus
[★]Pieces of the Past

Start of Training for Batch 003:

[●]The Recall | MS001
     Re: The Recall | General Ileana Amedea - [★]
[●][Training] Weapon Selection | BATCH 3 | TR001
     Re: [Training] Weapon Selection | Niu - [★]
     Re: [Training] Weapon Selection | Elerina - [★]
     Re: [Training] Weapon Selection | Jack - [●]
     Re: [Training] Weapon Selection | Volker - [★]

[●]The Missing Panther | SQ005
     Re: The Missing Panther | Rianne, Lucifer & Philip - [★]
[●]Merchant's Words
[●]An Unusual Request
[○]A Crack In The Coin
[●]The Heart Wants
[●]What the Heart Wants
[●]The Antar Hustle
[○]Training: Bend and Break me
[○]Meeting Lobby: Change of Plans

After Time Skip
For more information about the time skip, please read here.

[●]The Altrusian Waltz
[●]Girl's Night - The Ball Approaches
[○]Room 203: Sudden Call
[○][EVENT] The Graduation Ball
[◎]The Flaming Forge: De-clawing A Hostile Weapon
[●]The Emporium: Just picking up a few things
[●]Memo or Order | HQ101
     Re: Memo or Order | Rianne - [◎]
[●]A Visit at Geham | HQ102
     Re: A Visit at Geham | Auris - [○]
[○]The Dark Secrets of Alexandria: A Dark Plot in Motion | SSQ201
     Re: A Dark Plot in Motion | Niu - [○]
[●]The Shopping List | SC101
     Re: The Shopping List | Volker - [●]
[●]Story Quest: Rumors As Told | ST101
     Re: A Visit at Geham | Auris - [○]
[●]The Amedea Dilemma: Rumors of Dissent | SSQ101
     Re: Rumors of Dissent | Volker - [●]
[○]This Time I Might Just Disappear!
[○]The Amedea Dilemma: Search for the Black Sheep | SSQ102
     Re: Search for the Black Sheep | Volker - [○]
[●]The Unexpected | EXP 101
     Re: The Unexpected | Rianne, Livi and Rylen - [●]
This list will be updated every now and then.
My job is to kill characters. Be aware. *insert evil laugh here*

If you are lost, please check our Beginner's Guide.
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