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It was a savage darkness like no other. Demons descended from the gates and started to wreak havoc in our world - this world called Altrus.
With great effort, the nobles built a last stand; hoping to gather the strongest and bravest of men and women. The wisest and the most cunning.

Do you wish for fame and honor? Or mayhap you fight for a just cause?

Are you the hero we need?
Welcome to Continent Of Altrus.

We offer a new experience of Forum Role-Play where you will become one of the trainees to become the new hope of the continent after the first attack of the demons, their sole enemy.

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Philip Aventurra; DECEASED
Topic Started: May 23 2016, 07:52 PM (1,013 Views)
Philip Aventurra
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Character Name: Philip Aventurra
Name Pronunciation: ˈfɪləp ə'vɛnturə
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 7
Age: 23
Origin: Geham
Reason for Application: Philip seeks to gain knowledge and to get a sense of belonging.

Character Creation:
Height: 5’ 9”
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Pale White
Facial Feature/s: Tiny scar over his lips
Hair Style: Cut very short
Face Appearance: Very slim face, sparse eyebrows, always clean shaven
Body Build: Thin

Character Image:

Character Profile:
Personality: Philip is very introverted and is very official while interacting with others, trying to hide his personality. He is also quite down-to-earth and only likes to speak about facts.
Fashion Sense: He wears only black or white clothes, mostly with collared shirts. It’s hard to see him not wearing gloves.
Likes: Nature and books.
Dislikes: Legends, emotional people.
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Animal: Rat
Hobbies: Philosophy, anatomy, medicine.
Strengths: His analytical mind lets him analyse most situations easily and learn new facts about the world around him.
Weaknesses: His personality does not allow him to create strong relationships with other people. His lust for knowledge makes him willing to perform experiments others would judge as wrong.

Character Backstory:
Philip’s father, coming from the far east of the continent, had always been occupied with herbalism and alchemy. That’s why others wanted him to live out of the village, where his experiments from the border of magic and medicine would not cause any fear, but close enough to call him if anybody was sick. Philip, having never had attention of his parent, tried to imitate him by catching and studying small animals in the forest.

As the east was lost to the demons, the little obscure family was to be relocated to Geham. Philip hardly remembers the journey, his only memory being one of the caravan’s merchants teaching him writing and bookkeeping to have an intelligent boy work as a substitute for his sick partner. Feeling no bond to his father, Aventurro had continued to work for other caravans, learning about Altrus during his travels and finally reaching Ponomy.

There, he heard about the enrollment to the Force and decided that it might both finally allow him to learn from serious scholars and give him a place to call home. Having nothing to lose, Philip filled all the necessary paperwork and headed straight to the recruitment office, his thoughts focused around gaining access to the Antar Library.

Liam Aventurra - father

Character Abilities:
Weapon: Wand
Type: Normal
Basic Skills:
Philip has no experience in combat, but his passion for anatomy lets him aim for the vital parts of enemy’s body.
Having had carefully observed his father healing the peasants, Philip is able to help the sick and the wounded.

Sample Script:

Order Record
These record will be updated after every your achievement/s. This record will become our basis in recalling your performance during or after training.
Batch No.: 002
Dormitory No.: B304
Training Partner: Kiran Daramede

Update Log
All updates regarding this application sheet will be appended under this section.

Edited by Narrator, May 12 2017, 04:44 AM.
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Edward Equiste
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Application Accepted!
Welcome to Antar and to the Training Order!

We are glad to have you as one of our cores of power against our enemy. May you have be able to withstand training and become a hero.

  • Once application is accepted it will be locked and moved to Accepted board.
  • You are not allowed to edit the information anymore (except under "Relationships".
  • Please send a private message to Edward Eqiste or Loki Salvatore, the Advisors, if you need to edit some necessary information.
  • You are now allowed to post within Ponomy City to visit the High Houses and around Antar where your training will start.
  • Your dormitory number will be B304.
  • Your new set of uniforms will be delivered shortly.
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Edward Equiste
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Character Update
Congratulations on earning an update post for your character! If you keep up your performance, you will get more in the future!


Total Points Earned: +4
Total Deeks Earned: 150 Deeks

Character status will be updated shortly.
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Character died!
Thanks to Philip's help with one of the recovery missions that have gone bad with a sudden attack, the mission was carried out with less casualties.

His brave and dutiful deed will be forever be etched in Altrus' History.
My job is to kill characters. Be aware. *insert evil laugh here*

If you are lost, please check our Beginner's Guide.
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