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Weapon Skills Master List
Topic Started: Apr 29 2017, 02:50 AM (811 Views)
Ileana Amedea
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While magic has been around for a very long time in Altrus, it has been relatively kept secret from the general populace due to limited information on how it works.

However, because of the appearance of demons, magical research and development were prioritized and resulted in the production of weapons capable of channeling magic.

Since these magical weapons are new, there are not enough information on how they work. Their users had to go through rigorous mental and physical training in order to learn how to use them.

This list of known skills has been compiled and categorized by type, in order to make things a little bit easier for the future generation. The names of their users are noted as well, if ever you need them to teach you how to use a particular skill or weapon.
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Ileana Amedea
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Fire Element Weapons
Allow the users to manipulate and create fire. Disregarding the quality of the elemental stone and the user's skill, Fire Element is considered to be the most destructive of all elements. In exchange, it has very few defensive properties.

● Orbs ●

Auris Soliphir

Flare - A sudden burst of flame shoots forward in any intended direction, crossing a large distance within moments. The attack itself is fairly weak, but reduces fire resistance of anything it comes into contact with. Additionally, the skill serves as an excellent distraction, possible intimidation, or call for help.

Meltdown - The caster will center and hold a searing heat around one particular enemy, increasing their body temperature. If done correctly, the target might succesfully be overheated, and may be inflicted one or multiple effects of heatstroke[1]. If a target is wearing metal armor, the attack is significantly more effective.

Corona - Across a horizontal ring of 30 yards, with the caster safely at its center, the air explosively combusts into a scorching fire. Anyone caught within the searing flames will be dealt massive damage -- however, as the attack nears the end of its duration, the caster inevitably loses control and the fire vortexes inwards. Unable to escape, they will then be caught in the flames themselves, and end up heavily to critically wounded.

● Greatswords ●

Livi Reinheld

Fiery Rush - starts off with a dash while holding the greatsword pointing downwards to the left side as fire starts to surround the sword. Abruptly stopping in front of the enemy, using the momentum swings upward diagonally with additional fire damage. As the swing reaches the top it is then aligned to the center and a downward slash then ends with an explosion. Needs momentum to activate.

Pyro Slash - sends out flame slash at every strike. Can be used three consecutive times. Needs one minute cool-down to re-use.

Conflagration - Caster stabs the ground to summon a fiery path that goes in three directions in front of the caster. The path can burn anything it comes across and can reach up to 10 yards. Fiery path takes five seconds to fully reach 10 yards. Caster can't move and is vulnerable until the skill is done. When in danger, can be canceled and will only reach where it was stopped. Uses a huge amount of magic energy and needs time before it can be cast again.
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Ileana Amedea
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Water Element Weapons
Allow the users to manipulate and create water. Water Element is considered to be the most adaptable element, having the ability to transform into Ice or Vapor.

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Ileana Amedea
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Wind Element Weapons
Allow the users to manipulate and create air/wind. Wind Element makes up for the lack of physical defense capability with deflective and evasive moves. It can also be destructive depending on the quality of the elemental stone and the user's potential, having the ability to create wind-based phenomenons like hurricanes.

● Daggers ●

Locke Cole

Zephyrus' Blessing -releases a thin mist of air from the daggers which envelops the user making him faster and more agile. It also disrupts the enemy's vision of the user from a far distance due to the wind's constant movement, making the user hard to see at long range.

Blades of Sidhe - a thin layer of air envelops the dagger's tips increasing their reach and cutting power.

The Owl's Wisdom
- allows the caster to extend his/her senses with the wind allowing him/her to detect any moving creature's position that has contact with open wind within a 3 Kilometer radius.

● Orbs ●

Elerina Rana

Blank Shot - Compressed air is released from the orb that deals damage and pushes back a target. The closer the target, the more power is in the shot, the farther they are pushed back. Can be used consecutively with a second delay between each shot.

Temporal Air - Holding the orb overhead, the user manipulates the air molecules in the atmosphere within 50 meters, causing the air around the enemies to become pressured, increasing resistance and slowing their movements. On the other hand, air around allies become light and propulsive, reducing air resistance and increasing movement speed.

Cyclone - Summon a cyclone that rips through the battlefield and drags enemies with it for 15 seconds. User can control its path but it takes more concentration and energy. Takes a while to cast as it requires a lot of magical energy.

● Rapiers ●

Volker Faust

Squall - A sudden violent gust of wind is called forth, sweeping away all that stands in it's path. Enemies within range of 25 yards are pushed back and damaged by the cutting winds.

Zephyr - Soft, gentle breeze is summoned that helps to improve the caster's range of movement. The caster becomes extremely light of foot, faster, and almost weightless which allows them to leap to great heights or glide safely down to earth from up high.

Mistral - A cold, dry wind is summoned that slows a target and also reduces the effect of any fire or water elemental magic within the same target area.
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Ileana Amedea
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Earth Element Weapons
Allow the users to manipulate earth and anything within it such as minerals, metals and plants. Earth Element is strong in both defensive and offensive capability, as well as pure destructive potential. However, the user's mobility is largely suppressed because Earth Skills need sturdy movement, strong stances and even stronger focus to be cast.

● Bows and Arrows ●

Rylen Cotterill

Hunter's Guard - Fire a magical arrow that splinters into 4 parts and form a ward of rocks spanning 15 meters. Provides invincibility to allies within ward. Rock projectiles knocks back foes attempting to cross through which takes more magical energy. The more foes attempting to force through, the greater energy is spent. Barrier lasts for as long as caster maintains focus (breaks if attacked or pushed back) and magic is not depleted. Can only be cast one at a time. Ideally used when civilians/injured comrades are in immediate danger, either to contain the enemy or to protect allies whichever is appropriate.

Note: Unhindered, Rylen can only hold this barrier for 5 minutes max with 1 demon continuously attacking the barrier. Speedy assistance to extract civilians from danger is required.

Death Mark - Fire a magical arrow that marks anything it hits with a curse. Rock spikes will be hurled from the earth and continuously attack a single target for 10 seconds or until it dies before 10 seconds are over. Alternatively, the user can fire this arrow to the ground instead and rock spikes will shoot out of the earth within a 20 meter radius for 10 seconds. Good for surprise attacking clustered enemies.

Binding Shot - Fire a magical arrow that blooms into binding vines upon contact with the target, making them unable to move unless they are able to burn the vines away. Vines can burn within 10 seconds.

● Flails ●

Kiran Daramede

Ground Shock - Using a flail, with a huge amount of force by swaying the weapon from behind with two hands aiming towards the enemy up front, the head of the fail will pound the ground echoing its effect in a 45-degree angle with the user as its axis' center, affecting number of enemies as far as 10 meters ahead. Affected targets will get immobilized and will receive small amounts of damage every two seconds with decreasing effect until effect disappears. The nearer the targets are the greater the effect. The immobilization effect will last 10 seconds for those who are near at least 2 meters and the effect lessens the farther the targets.

Torture - By letting the head of the flail fall to the ground, earth's crust will give way, swallowing the head inside to penetrate underground routes to reach its target. Using a flail with wooden chain that locks its head to its shaft, an earth elemental stone helps those chains extend its length. With enough magic control, the chains can tie up targets to the ground making them vulnerable to any attacks that could follow. The level of magic powers will depend on the user and might be destroyed by higher-level skills or abilities. This skill can work to multiple targets, depending upon the user's magic energy and control. The user will not be able to move his weapon if he wishes the effect to continue for as longest of 5 seconds.

Cradle - Using extending chains with the use of earth element on wooden-chained flail, the head will travel a maximum distance of 20 meters to reach a target. The head will circle around the feet or any lower area of the target and pull the enemy down to earth's crust for a couple of feet, locking any escape way dealing small damages and the ground will divide itself in the impact and form large figures around the target, smashing all together at once, dealing heavy damage. The ground will continue to ponder over the target as long as the user wishes to use his energy. This skill requires a huge amount of concentration and energy that only works on single targets.
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Ileana Amedea
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Holy Weapons
More powerful than elemental weapons, these weapons also give the users the option to combine up to two elements to create a completely different effect. These weapons also prioritize their user's safety, hence being called "Holy"

● Bracers ●

Lucifer Salvatore

Magnetic Wave - by clashing the two bracers together it emits a magnetic blast that is about 20 feet in diameter and it will knock out the opponent who is in close proximity of the player (about 6 feet diameter). Beyond that, opponents will likely be stunned or disoriented for a few moments. Using this skill requires a down time of 3 minutes until it can be used again.

Churning Earth - by punching the ground the player will make the earth churn, crippling nearby foes (approximately about 7 feet in diameter) before unleashing a seismic wave that damages and bleeds them. The maximum size of the seismic wave is up to 15 feet, player should be careful for friendly fire unlike the curse weapons, holy weapons doesn't choose who are friend or foe. Down time of this skill is 15 minutes and can only be used 3 times in 24 hours or the user will also bleed out if he uses this skill beyond that. This skill can also be use to break walls by just tapping. No cool of time for this since the scale of damage is smaller than comparing it in battle. But using it more times can also strain the user.

Lava Font - user can bend lava in different forms he wants. But he can use this skill in short amount of time of 30 seconds. So a strategic plan is key if this is skill is going to be in use. Down time of this skill is 5 minutes until the user can use this skill again.

● Rapiers ●

Rianne Serene

Rippler - Rianne focuses on concentrating her energy at the tip of her rapier blade. In this state, every successful lunge creates circular ripples of water blades, that disperse from the point of impact. The initial wave is followed by two to four circular waves and will quickly hack away anything in its path. After hitting a surface the waves diffuses and splashes the nearby area with water. The waves travel at 0.2 meters per second, with 2 seconds interval between waves. Initial size of the ripple blade starts at 1.5 meters in diameter and will reach its full size of 3 meters in diameter within 15 seconds.

Maelstrom - Concentrating her energy on her rapier, Rianne creates a concentrated vortex of water. One medium size vortex forms a lance like casing around her blade. While smaller/thinner vortexes flanks the sides of the main vortex, one on the left, one on the right, one above, and lastly one below. The spears are twice as long as her rapier, around 2.2 meters. Using this method she can pierce her enemy with five gyrating water spears. Or hurl the four smaller vortexes towards her target, but only at a distance of 2 meters. It will take her 5 seconds to summon the first of set water spears. But it will then take her 15 seconds to recreate the next sets of vortexes. Regardless if she creates one or all four of the smaller vortexes. This is valid within a span of 5 minutes. A 10 to 15 minute cooldown is needed before she can begin the next 5 minute cycle.

Vikhr - Rianne focuses on being emersed by water. Coating her weapons with her energy, while closely holding them at an angle with both tips pointing outwards. Rianne then performs a 360° whole body spin. The spinning motion agitates and drags the water vapors around her. Condensing and forming them into a massive vortex of madly spinning water that would surround Rianne. The maelstrom acts as a shield that can be used to deflect incoming attacks. It can buffer elemental attacks that are weaker against water. At the same time the force of the swirling water also grinds or slices anything that touches it. After 1 minute the waterspout disperses into mist. The vortex's height averages between 5 to 8 meters. The maelstrom is generally 3 meters in diameter, with the eye of the storm being 1.5 meters in diameter.

● Swords ●

Niu Einri

Ice Barrier - stabs sword to the ground which emits extreme coldness to freeze the surrounding air to create an ice shield that surrounds the caster and anything within a 1.5-yard radius and lasts for 3 seconds. The shield prevents anything and anyone from getting in and getting out. It then explodes creating a mist that lasts for 2 seconds, hiding anyone that was inside the shield. It can withstand a decent amount of damage. If the damage is too much however it can immediately explode into mist. In the mist state, it can be used to escape or launch sneak attacks. Takes a while before it can be cast again.

Turbulent Gale - Calls up a wild barrage of wind and ice that can blow away and generate ice waves that deals damage and can possibly freeze anything/anyone it hits within a 10-yard radius with the caster safely in the center. By the caster's will, trapped enemies can explode dealing holy damage to demons and cold damage to anything else. Prevents anything from getting close to the center. Lasts 4 seconds and uses a huge amount magic energy, leaving the caster very tired afterwards. Caster is unable to cast any skills for a while and takes a long time before this skill can be used again.

Spiky Rain - Pointing his sword upwards creates five ice spikes, each with a 6-inch radius. Takes 3 seconds to form the spikes. Then points to where the ice spikes will land. Takes a while before it can be cast again.
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Ileana Amedea
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Cursed Weapons
The most powerful type of weapons created. These weapons nearly have no limit in their capabilities and are only held back by their user's potential. However, because of the materials used to forge these weapons, they end up being filled with malevolent intent, hence the "Cursed" state. Currently, the only people allowed to wield these weapons are the Generals of Altrus.

● Halberd ●

Ileana Amedea

Nightfall - Calls upon the powers of darkness to blind foes for 3 seconds and deliver a deadly blow from above. Timing is essential for this skill because the user needs to be at a high place to deliver maximum force. If the attack successfully connects, the accumulated energy will be released in the immediate area and freeze extra enemies within 5 meters.

Wicked Whirl - Icicles form and spiral around the user (and anyone within 5 feet of the user) like a whirlwind. It forms a protective barrier that deals damage to multiple enemies. It can rapidly expand up to 10 meters before dissipating, making it useful to push back enemies whenever the user is surrounded. The skill can take up to 5 seconds to finish, the whirl expanding 2 meters per second. However, the user can cut the skill short if they wish. The skill will also be cut short if the user is attacked or distracted. The whirling icicles chill the area up to 5 meters away from the actual icicles, which in turn slows down foes. Slow is in effect for as long as the skill is active.

Cruel strike - Stab the foe using the spear end of the weapon and cause paralysis for 2 seconds. Usually used as a preemptive strike, the user must be able to quickly follow up with another attack.

Weapon Property:

  • Unholy Feast - With the residual consciousness of the demon used to create this weapon, the user is able to summon a flock of demon birds for 1 minute that attack and peck foes to death. Extremely lethal and unstable, allies must keep a safe distance just in case. Takes a lot of energy so it can only be used up to 2 times a day with at least 3 hours of rest in between summons.

● Mace ●

Eclair Equiste

Curve Jolt – using a different stance than a normal attack, the user places the weapon in front then pulls it up towards the back in a quick movement to attack the enemy in front of her; works well during close fights but can damage enemy at a longest distance of ten meters; stuns the target for two seconds; See how it works - click

Hoversault – the user needs stretched his or her arms back while holding the mace and slash it vertically to the enemy at the front and jabs another attack after using the weapon as a support in an inverted stand to put more power into the second stab; a melee attack; See how it works - click

Requiem – using the weapon’s dark magic, a maximum of three waves of attack will deal damage to the target after the user slashed air at the direction of the target; works best from a distance and has a maximum range of 50 meters with a strong opening at 45 degrees

Weapon Property:

  • With the use of sound as its main element, the mace can emit a special music that attracts demons and at the same time, makes them see the user as one of their kin for 60 seconds, making them unable to attack.

● Swordstaff ●

Kisara Alexandria

Charge – for spear type weapons, the user throws the weapon to any location he or she wants. If an enemy is hit by the weapon, if even if it is his or her shadow, he/she will be temporarily paralyzed for 7 minutes. The swordstaff/spear will teleports it’s wielder to its location with just a simple command from the wielder. The teleportation only works if the handler is within a 25 yard radius from the swordstaff. No limit in the usage of this skill, since Rhaegal likes to impale his mistress' enemies.

Lava Chains – Cripples and binds multiple foes with chains made of fire and molten lava. This skills is mostly use for support. The wielder has to stab his/her swordstaff to the ground since the chains will sprout from the ground. (because the chains are from hell/underworld duh, weapons from hell/underworld are very painful and prickly to demons lol) But chains can be broken too if the weapons used is from hell/underworld in origin (like the cursed weapons of the generals are an example) or break the wielder's concentration since using this skill needs a lot of concentration. Cool off time is 5 minutes until the user will use this skill again.

Arena – the user summons an arena like dome where you can’t escape from unless you defeat the caster herself or steel Rhaegal from it's mistress. (depending on the caster's will on how big or small but the maximum size limit of the Arena is the equivalent size of the Antar training hall) Cool off time of this skill will take 10 minutes for the user to cool down until he or she can use this skill again.

Weapon Property:

  • Flames of Tartarus - Black fire from the bowels of hell that will devour anything the caster wills it and grants vigor to allies. Can't use the flames to heal herself, she can only heal her comrades. If she use the flames to heal herself, she'll be devoured by the flames. A price for being chosen by Rhaegal.

    The user can only strike once on the intended target in attack mode. Anything withing the 3 feet radius will surely be affected and devoured by the flames. If a target is affected by the flames, the flames will disappear until the intended target has been devoured to nothingness (which it will take long if its of demon origin. The stronger the demon, the longer it will take flames to eat them. But that demon target will be weaken by the flames.).

    If a comrade is engulf with the flames, the flames will have purple glow and will disappear once the comrade's wounds are healed or the got their boost of power (time it about 30 seconds and it will disappear) . Can use this skill only 3 times in a day. Drains life energy when go beyond the limit. Cool of time of this skill is 5 minutes.

    Note: The flames can heal just the surface wounds like cuts, bruises, scratches. Deep wounds it can close it up but you can still feel some pain on that wound and would like to be open. Injuries it can heal minor one in the surface but you have be careful or the injury might return if not properly healed. Power boost is boosting up comrades power, more like an adrenaline rush of power but will last in a minute.

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Ileana Amedea
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Normal Weapons
Are weapons not embedded by any magic crystal and thus unable to channel magic energy. These weapons are mainly used by Trainees, Scouts and Advisers. Despite being called "Normal", these weapons are still able to deal damage, albeit low, against demons. Proven and tested when the demons first attacked and magic weapons were still in development.

● Rapier ●

Loki Salvatore

Sharp Nail - A Sword Skill that consists of an upward right to left diagonal slash, followed by a left to right horizontal slash, ending with a downward right to left diagonal slash. An alternative execution of the skills consists of three vertical slashes.

Crucifixion - A skill composed of six strikes, the first three being vertical thrusts, and the latter three being horizontal thrusts, creating a figure of a cross.

Flashing Penetrator - A high-level charge skill that produces a sonic boom and looks like a comet. Although the skill only hits one target, it blows away anyone else caught in the way. After the usage of the skill, the user is rendered in a considerably long post-motion delay effect.

● Sword ●

Edward Equiste

Valvor – A skill Edward refers to when he uses his weapon to create a combo attack of thrusting his weapon and creates an after-slash for a couple of times to deal damage; requires great agility and stresses his upper arm a lot

Outstrike – a skill Edward refers to when he uses his weapon to create multiple slashing attacks while turning his body to different directions; he usually uses it during mid-air battles; requires a lot of agility and stresses his upper body

Retract – a skill Edward refers to when he uses his weapon to slash the target’s body and immediately pulls back his weapon to the same direction it came from to create a massive damage and blood loss; he usually use it when encountering demons

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