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It was a savage darkness like no other. Demons descended from the gates and started to wreak havoc in our world - this world called Altrus.
With great effort, the nobles built a last stand; hoping to gather the strongest and bravest of men and women. The wisest and the most cunning.

Do you wish for fame and honor? Or mayhap you fight for a just cause?

Are you the hero we need?
Welcome to Continent Of Altrus.

We offer a new experience of Forum Role-Play where you will become one of the trainees to become the new hope of the continent after the first attack of the demons, their sole enemy.

If you want to join, register or use your recorded account to log in:

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One on One Lesson | TR101; TRAINING THREAD | FIRST LEVEL | MAX: 1
Topic Started: Mar 31 2017, 04:16 AM (338 Views)
Edward Equiste
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Location: Antar Library
In-charge: Edward Equiste, Advisor
Aim: To gather necessary information with regards to your weapon and the danger around Altrus
Cost: 50 deeks
Unlocks: One on One Training | TR102

Edward Equiste travels his fingers over the seams of the books gently placed on the shelves. They were evenly distributed, chronologically and by categories which makes it easier to anyone, may them be new or the usual people.

Camille seems to be going a great job maintaining the place. He thought. It has been quite a while when Antar became the training ground – the place where they started raising people who could be humanity’s last hope against their rampaging enemies. But the place stood tall even though it was once a storage room for resource back-up.

It was nothing but hectic for him. Reviewing applications, guiding trainees, and helping his little sister, Clara with her own training. And from time to time, he will be dragged by Eclair for a little spar. Sleep is the only peace time he could make for himself which he does for a maximum of four hours.

He wouldn’t be surprised if he will faint one day and be bed ridden for more than a month but he enjoys his work more than anything else.

His thoughts stopped when he heard the door creak, obviously revealing that this building is too old for its cause yet strong enough to still cater all these books and people. He turned around and smiled at the presence at the door.

“I was waiting. Welcome to your first task of training.” He told.

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