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It was a savage darkness like no other. Demons descended from the gates and started to wreak havoc in our world - this world called Altrus.
With great effort, the nobles built a last stand; hoping to gather the strongest and bravest of men and women. The wisest and the most cunning.

Do you wish for fame and honor? Or mayhap you fight for a just cause?

Are you the hero we need?
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Ileana Amedea
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Normal Weapons
Are weapons not embedded by any magic crystal and thus unable to channel magic energy. These weapons are mainly used by Trainees, Scouts and Advisers. Despite being called "Normal", these weapons are still able to deal damage, albeit low, against demons. Proven and tested when the demons first attacked and magic weapons were still in development.

● Rapier ●

Loki Salvatore

Sharp Nail - A Sword Skill that consists of an upward right to left diagonal slash, followed by a left to right horizontal slash, ending with a downward right to left diagonal slash. An alternative execution of the skills consists of three vertical slashes.

Crucifixion - A skill composed of six strikes, the first three being vertical thrusts, and the latter three being horizontal thrusts, creating a figure of a cross.

Flashing Penetrator - A high-level charge skill that produces a sonic boom and looks like a comet. Although the skill only hits one target, it blows away anyone else caught in the way. After the usage of the skill, the user is rendered in a considerably long post-motion delay effect.

● Sword ●

Edward Equiste

Valvor – A skill Edward refers to when he uses his weapon to create a combo attack of thrusting his weapon and creates an after-slash for a couple of times to deal damage; requires great agility and stresses his upper arm a lot

Outstrike – a skill Edward refers to when he uses his weapon to create multiple slashing attacks while turning his body to different directions; he usually uses it during mid-air battles; requires a lot of agility and stresses his upper body

Retract – a skill Edward refers to when he uses his weapon to slash the target’s body and immediately pulls back his weapon to the same direction it came from to create a massive damage and blood loss; he usually use it when encountering demons

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