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It was a savage darkness like no other. Demons descended from the gates and started to wreak havoc in our world - this world called Altrus.
With great effort, the nobles built a last stand; hoping to gather the strongest and bravest of men and women. The wisest and the most cunning.

Do you wish for fame and honor? Or mayhap you fight for a just cause?

Are you the hero we need?
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Ileana Amedea
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Cursed Weapons
The most powerful type of weapons created. These weapons nearly have no limit in their capabilities and are only held back by their user's potential. However, because of the materials used to forge these weapons, they end up being filled with malevolent intent, hence the "Cursed" state. Currently, the only people allowed to wield these weapons are the Generals of Altrus.

● Halberd ●

Ileana Amedea

Nightfall - Calls upon the powers of darkness to blind foes for 3 seconds and deliver a deadly blow from above. Timing is essential for this skill because the user needs to be at a high place to deliver maximum force. If the attack successfully connects, the accumulated energy will be released in the immediate area and freeze extra enemies within 5 meters.

Wicked Whirl - Icicles form and spiral around the user (and anyone within 5 feet of the user) like a whirlwind. It forms a protective barrier that deals damage to multiple enemies. It can rapidly expand up to 10 meters before dissipating, making it useful to push back enemies whenever the user is surrounded. The skill can take up to 5 seconds to finish, the whirl expanding 2 meters per second. However, the user can cut the skill short if they wish. The skill will also be cut short if the user is attacked or distracted. The whirling icicles chill the area up to 5 meters away from the actual icicles, which in turn slows down foes. Slow is in effect for as long as the skill is active.

Cruel strike - Stab the foe using the spear end of the weapon and cause paralysis for 2 seconds. Usually used as a preemptive strike, the user must be able to quickly follow up with another attack.

Weapon Property:

  • Unholy Feast - With the residual consciousness of the demon used to create this weapon, the user is able to summon a flock of demon birds for 1 minute that attack and peck foes to death. Extremely lethal and unstable, allies must keep a safe distance just in case. Takes a lot of energy so it can only be used up to 2 times a day with at least 3 hours of rest in between summons.

● Mace ●

Eclair Equiste

Curve Jolt – using a different stance than a normal attack, the user places the weapon in front then pulls it up towards the back in a quick movement to attack the enemy in front of her; works well during close fights but can damage enemy at a longest distance of ten meters; stuns the target for two seconds; See how it works - click

Hoversault – the user needs stretched his or her arms back while holding the mace and slash it vertically to the enemy at the front and jabs another attack after using the weapon as a support in an inverted stand to put more power into the second stab; a melee attack; See how it works - click

Requiem – using the weapon’s dark magic, a maximum of three waves of attack will deal damage to the target after the user slashed air at the direction of the target; works best from a distance and has a maximum range of 50 meters with a strong opening at 45 degrees

Weapon Property:

  • With the use of sound as its main element, the mace can emit a special music that attracts demons and at the same time, makes them see the user as one of their kin for 60 seconds, making them unable to attack.

● Swordstaff ●

Kisara Alexandria

Charge – for spear type weapons, the user throws the weapon to any location he or she wants. If an enemy is hit by the weapon, if even if it is his or her shadow, he/she will be temporarily paralyzed for 7 minutes. The swordstaff/spear will teleports it’s wielder to its location with just a simple command from the wielder. The teleportation only works if the handler is within a 25 yard radius from the swordstaff. No limit in the usage of this skill, since Rhaegal likes to impale his mistress' enemies.

Lava Chains – Cripples and binds multiple foes with chains made of fire and molten lava. This skills is mostly use for support. The wielder has to stab his/her swordstaff to the ground since the chains will sprout from the ground. (because the chains are from hell/underworld duh, weapons from hell/underworld are very painful and prickly to demons lol) But chains can be broken too if the weapons used is from hell/underworld in origin (like the cursed weapons of the generals are an example) or break the wielder's concentration since using this skill needs a lot of concentration. Cool off time is 5 minutes until the user will use this skill again.

Arena – the user summons an arena like dome where you can’t escape from unless you defeat the caster herself or steel Rhaegal from it's mistress. (depending on the caster's will on how big or small but the maximum size limit of the Arena is the equivalent size of the Antar training hall) Cool off time of this skill will take 10 minutes for the user to cool down until he or she can use this skill again.

Weapon Property:

  • Flames of Tartarus - Black fire from the bowels of hell that will devour anything the caster wills it and grants vigor to allies. Can't use the flames to heal herself, she can only heal her comrades. If she use the flames to heal herself, she'll be devoured by the flames. A price for being chosen by Rhaegal.

    The user can only strike once on the intended target in attack mode. Anything withing the 3 feet radius will surely be affected and devoured by the flames. If a target is affected by the flames, the flames will disappear until the intended target has been devoured to nothingness (which it will take long if its of demon origin. The stronger the demon, the longer it will take flames to eat them. But that demon target will be weaken by the flames.).

    If a comrade is engulf with the flames, the flames will have purple glow and will disappear once the comrade's wounds are healed or the got their boost of power (time it about 30 seconds and it will disappear) . Can use this skill only 3 times in a day. Drains life energy when go beyond the limit. Cool of time of this skill is 5 minutes.

    Note: The flames can heal just the surface wounds like cuts, bruises, scratches. Deep wounds it can close it up but you can still feel some pain on that wound and would like to be open. Injuries it can heal minor one in the surface but you have be careful or the injury might return if not properly healed. Power boost is boosting up comrades power, more like an adrenaline rush of power but will last in a minute.

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