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It was a savage darkness like no other. Demons descended from the gates and started to wreak havoc in our world - this world called Altrus.
With great effort, the nobles built a last stand; hoping to gather the strongest and bravest of men and women. The wisest and the most cunning.

Do you wish for fame and honor? Or mayhap you fight for a just cause?

Are you the hero we need?
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Ileana Amedea
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Holy Weapons
More powerful than elemental weapons, these weapons also give the users the option to combine up to two elements to create a completely different effect. These weapons also prioritize their user's safety, hence being called "Holy"

● Bracers ●

Lucifer Salvatore

Magnetic Wave - by clashing the two bracers together it emits a magnetic blast that is about 20 feet in diameter and it will knock out the opponent who is in close proximity of the player (about 6 feet diameter). Beyond that, opponents will likely be stunned or disoriented for a few moments. Using this skill requires a down time of 3 minutes until it can be used again.

Churning Earth - by punching the ground the player will make the earth churn, crippling nearby foes (approximately about 7 feet in diameter) before unleashing a seismic wave that damages and bleeds them. The maximum size of the seismic wave is up to 15 feet, player should be careful for friendly fire unlike the curse weapons, holy weapons doesn't choose who are friend or foe. Down time of this skill is 15 minutes and can only be used 3 times in 24 hours or the user will also bleed out if he uses this skill beyond that. This skill can also be use to break walls by just tapping. No cool of time for this since the scale of damage is smaller than comparing it in battle. But using it more times can also strain the user.

Lava Font - user can bend lava in different forms he wants. But he can use this skill in short amount of time of 30 seconds. So a strategic plan is key if this is skill is going to be in use. Down time of this skill is 5 minutes until the user can use this skill again.

● Rapiers ●

Rianne Serene

Rippler - Rianne focuses on concentrating her energy at the tip of her rapier blade. In this state, every successful lunge creates circular ripples of water blades, that disperse from the point of impact. The initial wave is followed by two to four circular waves and will quickly hack away anything in its path. After hitting a surface the waves diffuses and splashes the nearby area with water. The waves travel at 0.2 meters per second, with 2 seconds interval between waves. Initial size of the ripple blade starts at 1.5 meters in diameter and will reach its full size of 3 meters in diameter within 15 seconds.

Maelstrom - Concentrating her energy on her rapier, Rianne creates a concentrated vortex of water. One medium size vortex forms a lance like casing around her blade. While smaller/thinner vortexes flanks the sides of the main vortex, one on the left, one on the right, one above, and lastly one below. The spears are twice as long as her rapier, around 2.2 meters. Using this method she can pierce her enemy with five gyrating water spears. Or hurl the four smaller vortexes towards her target, but only at a distance of 2 meters. It will take her 5 seconds to summon the first of set water spears. But it will then take her 15 seconds to recreate the next sets of vortexes. Regardless if she creates one or all four of the smaller vortexes. This is valid within a span of 5 minutes. A 10 to 15 minute cooldown is needed before she can begin the next 5 minute cycle.

Vikhr - Rianne focuses on being emersed by water. Coating her weapons with her energy, while closely holding them at an angle with both tips pointing outwards. Rianne then performs a 360° whole body spin. The spinning motion agitates and drags the water vapors around her. Condensing and forming them into a massive vortex of madly spinning water that would surround Rianne. The maelstrom acts as a shield that can be used to deflect incoming attacks. It can buffer elemental attacks that are weaker against water. At the same time the force of the swirling water also grinds or slices anything that touches it. After 1 minute the waterspout disperses into mist. The vortex's height averages between 5 to 8 meters. The maelstrom is generally 3 meters in diameter, with the eye of the storm being 1.5 meters in diameter.

● Swords ●

Niu Einri

Ice Barrier - stabs sword to the ground which emits extreme coldness to freeze the surrounding air to create an ice shield that surrounds the caster and anything within a 1.5-yard radius and lasts for 3 seconds. The shield prevents anything and anyone from getting in and getting out. It then explodes creating a mist that lasts for 2 seconds, hiding anyone that was inside the shield. It can withstand a decent amount of damage. If the damage is too much however it can immediately explode into mist. In the mist state, it can be used to escape or launch sneak attacks. Takes a while before it can be cast again.

Turbulent Gale - Calls up a wild barrage of wind and ice that can blow away and generate ice waves that deals damage and can possibly freeze anything/anyone it hits within a 10-yard radius with the caster safely in the center. By the caster's will, trapped enemies can explode dealing holy damage to demons and cold damage to anything else. Prevents anything from getting close to the center. Lasts 4 seconds and uses a huge amount magic energy, leaving the caster very tired afterwards. Caster is unable to cast any skills for a while and takes a long time before this skill can be used again.

Spiky Rain - Pointing his sword upwards creates five ice spikes, each with a 6-inch radius. Takes 3 seconds to form the spikes. Then points to where the ice spikes will land. Takes a while before it can be cast again.
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