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It was a savage darkness like no other. Demons descended from the gates and started to wreak havoc in our world - this world called Altrus.
With great effort, the nobles built a last stand; hoping to gather the strongest and bravest of men and women. The wisest and the most cunning.

Do you wish for fame and honor? Or mayhap you fight for a just cause?

Are you the hero we need?
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Ileana Amedea
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Wind Element Weapons
Allow the users to manipulate and create air/wind. Wind Element makes up for the lack of physical defense capability with deflective and evasive moves. It can also be destructive depending on the quality of the elemental stone and the user's potential, having the ability to create wind-based phenomenons like hurricanes.

● Daggers ●

Locke Cole

Zephyrus' Blessing -releases a thin mist of air from the daggers which envelops the user making him faster and more agile. It also disrupts the enemy's vision of the user from a far distance due to the wind's constant movement, making the user hard to see at long range.

Blades of Sidhe - a thin layer of air envelops the dagger's tips increasing their reach and cutting power.

The Owl's Wisdom
- allows the caster to extend his/her senses with the wind allowing him/her to detect any moving creature's position that has contact with open wind within a 3 Kilometer radius.

● Orbs ●

Elerina Rana

Blank Shot - Compressed air is released from the orb that deals damage and pushes back a target. The closer the target, the more power is in the shot, the farther they are pushed back. Can be used consecutively with a second delay between each shot.

Temporal Air - Holding the orb overhead, the user manipulates the air molecules in the atmosphere within 50 meters, causing the air around the enemies to become pressured, increasing resistance and slowing their movements. On the other hand, air around allies become light and propulsive, reducing air resistance and increasing movement speed.

Cyclone - Summon a cyclone that rips through the battlefield and drags enemies with it for 15 seconds. User can control its path but it takes more concentration and energy. Takes a while to cast as it requires a lot of magical energy.

● Rapiers ●

Volker Faust

Squall - A sudden violent gust of wind is called forth, sweeping away all that stands in it's path. Enemies within range of 25 yards are pushed back and damaged by the cutting winds.

Zephyr - Soft, gentle breeze is summoned that helps to improve the caster's range of movement. The caster becomes extremely light of foot, faster, and almost weightless which allows them to leap to great heights or glide safely down to earth from up high.

Mistral - A cold, dry wind is summoned that slows a target and also reduces the effect of any fire or water elemental magic within the same target area.
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